• Keeping Your Campus Safe and Secure

    CampusSecure provides Colleges/Universities with a complete solution that helps keep staff and students safe by equipping campus police/security with comprehensive set of monitoring, verification and response tools. Contact UsLearn More
  • State of the Art Emergency Alerting

    Arm first responders with the tools and informaiton needed to handle every emergency situation such as: live video, medical information, indoor location, age, height, sex, etc. PurchaseLearn More
  • Live Video and Indoor Location

    Provided your first responders with a live video of the emergency and the actual indoor or outdoor location of the person in emergency.PurchaseLearn More
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 Crusader Command Center

The Crusader Command Center is the Management and Informational Dashboard for the Campus Secure solution. Via the user's mobile device, the emergency Panic Button activates a red flashing alert screen on the web-based Command Center dashboard, providing first responders with critical information including caller name, mobile number, GPS and IPS locations and live video of the users location.

Emergency Two-way Text Alerting

Having the ability to communicate directly with the campus police or designated security authorities before, during and after an emergency, is imperative. Campus Secure allows students, employees and bystanders to silently communicate suspicious behavior to the authorities before an incident occurs. Two-way communications allows both the victim and the security authorities to exchange text communications discretely. 

Follow Me     "Escort"     

With Follow Me "Escort" students and staff can increase their "Peace of Mind". Follow me allows students/staff to reach out to a trusted family member, friend or a security authority to virtually escort them as they travel from one destination to another. You simply select your destination and place your mobile device in your pocket while you focus on your surroundings knowing someone is watching over you.  

Indoor Location Awareness

Inside buildings, GPS location is limited and cannot provide floor and room details. AssureTech's industry-leading indoor positioning system identifies where people are located indoors using mobile apps. You can use indoor location data to determine safe evacuation routes and coordinate response with law enforcement agencies.

Live Emergency Video Verification

CampusSecure's Live Emergency Video feature provides first responders with the ability to monitor and assess the state of the emergency, identify the perpetrator or victim and gain other useful information on a real time basis. First responders can manage and improve their responsiveness by quickly analyzing and verifying the emergency and proactively initiating actions to avoid the incident or minimize the impact. IDENTIFY, VERIFY, REACT

Mobile Mass Messaging System

The "Crusader" Command Center has a mass emergency communication function designed specifically for colleges and universities for their unique communication needs. The command center can be programmed to send out broadcast messages to mobile devices and campus monitors that alerts the community of both non-emergency and emergency situations.

Campus Secure  Is The Most Comprehensive Emergency Alerting and Response System For Colleges and Universities. Please Review some of the features we offer below.


I'm Okay

Let family and friends know you are okay with the push of a button giving them the peace of mind of knowing you are safe.


Buddy Alert

Notify friends and family when you are in an uncomfortable situation, and need help. CampusSecure will provide and emergency text/email along with your location.


All Emergency

Quickly notify friends and family and emergency personal when you are in an emergency.  Proved them with our indoor location on campus, live video, and emergency message with the push of a button.


Live Video

Record your emergency with the push of a button allowing emergency personal the readiness to ensure your safety.

New Emergency Buttons

Location Tracker

Give your exact location when you need help, even when you are indoors or on the move.


Anonymous Reporting

CampusSecure allows staff and students to be the eyes and ears for the police department. With the push of a button students/staff can send pictures or videos to the police of suspicious behavior.


Follow Me Escort

Family, friends or University officials can follow you virtually as you travel from one destination to another..


Two Way Text

In an emergency send and receive text messages with police.


Campus Secure  Is The Most Comprehensive Emergency Alerting and Response System For Colleges and Universities. 


AssureTech IPS

Indoor Positioning System

In a large building knowing the exact location of an emergency can be the difference between life and death. CampusSecure provides first responders with the exact location of the emergency by utilizing a state of the art indoor positioning system. (no extra hardware required).


What Our Customers Said

  • With all of crisis occurring on campuses today, CampusSecure bave me the peace of mind my daughter would be safe on campus. . In the event of an emergency CampusSecure allows my daughter to send video and location to me and authorities . imageTamara JohnsonParent
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Latest From the Blog

AssureTech Announces Launch of CampusSecure

Written by Super User  /  Published: Friday, 26 February 2016

AssureTech is proud to announce the release of CampusSecure is almost complete.  Within the second quarter of 2016 CampusSecure will be another tool for police and security to utilize by providing another layer of security for students and staff.

With so many industry leading features CampusSecure is sure to be a trail blazer in safety on campuses throughout the United States and abroad. Releasing features such as: live audio and video to police/security, IPS/GPS providing the exact location of the emergency even indoors, two way text to dispatchers, users can be virtually escorted from one location to another, complete campus push messaging, data analytics and reporting for authorities and so much more. 


Campus Secure

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